By Me DIY Cleaning Products

Creating a beautiful* sustainable home

Hi, I’m Tillie, the founder of ByMe.

I live in Melbourne, Australia with my husband and three daughters and I sell glass cleaning bottles and soap dispensers to help you create a beautiful, sustainable and low-tox home.

My passion behind ByMe stems from a hope to make a change in the levels of toxins we are using in our homes and reducing the enormous amount a plastic landfill that is swamping our amazing planet.

When I heard that many of the cleaning products we buy off the shelf, even some we think are ‘green’, have endocrine disruptors and carcinogens, I started to do a bit of research about what I was exposing my family to. What I found out was worrying. The thought of having these chemicals all over my house not only made me feel ‘sick’ but I started to worry they could literally be making my family sick. I decided the only way to really know what was in my cleaning products was to make them myself.

Why Glass Bottles?

Glass bottles were a must for me for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, I wanted to use essential oils in my mixtures and these are always best stored in amber glass bottles as they can cause plastics to leach.  I wasn’t going to make the move away from chemicals only to be acquiring them directly from another source!

Secondly, the amount of plastics that we are creating on earth is going to cause huge problems for future generations.  Yes, they can be recycled but unfortunately the majority of plastic bottles end up in land fill or floating in our waterways and oceans. The more we can limit our consumption of plastic the better.  However, I found it really difficult to find good quality glass spray bottles that were not only functional but attractive too!  And that it how ByMe started – I had to design them myself.

Beautiful & Sustainable Cleaning Products

There is a reason we have all refilled the apothecary style bottles that the high-end cleaning brands and skin-care companies use – they look great! However the downsides are that the bottles are plastic and you always need to be wary of “green washing” with many containing hormone disrupting fragrances in their products.

Using the “look” of these products as my inspiration I designed some beautiful amber glass bottles and  re-usable static ‘cling labels’ to present a unique take on the typical idea of “DIY” cleaning products.

I have since expanded the ByMe range to include quality soap dispenser pumps that can be re-filled with your choice of homemade or store bought products. Ultimately that is what ByMe is all about – taking ownership of what product choices we make for our homes, our families and our planet.

I love that ByMe bottles can be displayed proudly on the kitchen shelf like other high end cleaning brands and that when each bottle is refilled we can be certain that whatever is going in it is 100% my choice. It is all about creating a beautiful*sustainable home.

Thanks so much for stopping by and all the best with your low-tox journey.