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DIY room spray recipe – create a love potion on your next vacay

When staying away from home a room spray can be a great way to freshen up your borrowed space, purify the air and make it your place. The ByMe amber glass spray bottles (available here in 50 or 100ml) set you up to create your own DIY room spray recipe free from nasty chemicals and synthetic fragrance compounds found in most commercial scent products.

Using just a few simple ingredients such as water, vodka (also handy for a holiday cocktail or two) and your choice of mood enhancing essential oils you can create a room spray recipe to energise, to encourage restful sleep or to remind you of home.

My recent mini-break to beautiful Noosa in Queensland was just the place to re-inspire an appreciation of our amazing planet and was a reminder that plastic–free, sustainable product choices help preserve our environment.  And when this appreciation occurs on a kid-free mini-break to celebrate a wedding (congratulations Belinda and Chris!) it is most definitely happy days. But with love and romance in the air; it is a love potion that I packed for this trip.

Love Potion DIY Room Spray Recipe

  • Amber glass spray bottle – remember that essential oils and plastic do not mix and amber glass will extend shelf life
  • 1 part vodka – to assist the essential oils to disperse with water, intensify scent and act as a preservative
  • 2 parts water – ideally distilled
  • Essential oils – for a love potion try 12 drops of rose, 12 drops of sandalwood and 6 drops of Ylang Ylang

* add your choice of 10-40 drops of essential oils to make a lighter or stronger scented DIY room spray

Add the vodka to your amber glass spray bottle (for a 50 ml bottle use about 15 mls). Add your essential oils. Shake to mix well and disperse oils and top with about 30 mls of water. Shake again and spray as required.

For a sweet slumber room spray try lavender and frankincense or to energise combine a citrus such as orange and peppermint.

It’s 100% my choice.  Experiment, get creative, there are so many different recipes out there. Find the one that works for you.

For those who are interested in further reading about the health issues associated with synthetic fragrances here is a link to an edited extract from well known Australian author Kate Grenville’s The Case Against Fragrance (Text Publishing).



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