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At the beginning of the year, after a fair bit of research, I purchased this Home Essentials kit. After trialling the oils for 6 months I am convinced it is one of the best value purchases I have made – even up there with my Gorman duffle coat! These oils have now well and truly worked their way into so many aspects of my home. I use them for low-tox alternatives for cleaning as well as therapeutically, and the diffuser has completely quelled my expensive scented candle addiction (more on that later).

The kit comes with the diffuser as well as 10 of the most popular essential oils in the doTERRA range. So far I have used all of the oils. Some I use daily, others I have only used once or twice in 6 months. Here is a quick run down on how I use them.


Home Essentials Kit

Home Essentials Kit

On Guard:       Basically On Guard is a tailor made germ buster. I use it in my bathroom spray and also my all-purpose spray for door handles, counter tops etc. I also add it to the bucket when mopping my floors. On Guard supports the immune system so it is great for winter. When there are germs around I use it in my diffuser and every night I apply it combined with coconut oil on my kids feet, especially my youngest who gets a nice dose of germ exposure at daycare! Instead of using hand sanitiser I apply On Guard mixed with coconut oil. I find it is easiest to apply using a small roller bottle.

DigestZen:      This blend is all about providing tummy relief. I use it every night on my daughter’s tummy as she struggles with severe constipation. Together with coconut oil she loves having this gently rubbed on her tummy at bedtime and there has been a definite improvement in her condition. I also use this for general tummy upsets for the rest of the family in the same way. One great side effect of rubbing the oil on my daughter’s tummy is that her skin which often gets itchy red dots has cleared up a lot. I am not sure if this is the DigestZen or the coconut oil but it has provided very welcome relief.

Easy Air:          This blend is all about the respiratory system and it great for colds and helping you breathe easier. It is especially great during winter to diffuse at night because it really opens up the airways and helps you sleep. I also keep it in a roller bottle with coconut oil and will rub it on the chest (like Vicks but minus the highly toxic camphor)! There isn’t asthma in my family but it is worth mentioning that many asthma sufferers have found that Easy Air can make a huge difference to their lives.

Deep Blue:      Deep Blue soothes muscles and achy joints and I have really found it to be a big help. I get a lot of shoulder pain and also have issues with my TMJ a joint in my jaw. Deep Blue has provided great relief for this. I also use it on my daughter’s legs when she has growing pains before she goes to bed and she says it helps. It is a hot oil (it reminds me of Dencorub or one of those athletic creams) so I always dilute it to the level of heat I want.


Lavender:        One of the most versatile oils, I use Lavender all the time! It is great for cleaning because it is antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic and has a beautiful smell. It is a calming and soothing oil so I will often add a few drops to the bath for relaxation and to reduce muscle tension. I also use it in a blend with a carrier oil on the kids in a roller bottle at bedtime. Whether it is the process of rubbing on the oil or the oils themselves it has really made a difference in getting the kids off to sleep. If I have trouble sleeping I put a drop of lavender on my pillow and it does the trick. You can also diffuse it at bedtime to promote relaxation and help you wind down. Lavender is also great for the first aid kit – use it on minor scrapes, cuts and burns.

Lemon:            Lemon is another oil that I use on a daily basis. It is a great disinfectant so it is perfect for adding to your cleaning spray bottles as it also works to purify the air. If you have something hard to clean like an old sticker stuck on a desk just add a couple of drops of lemon oil and it will rub right off. I add a few drops on top of the dishwashing powder and it leaves the dishes spot-free. I will also often add it to the diffuser in the morning as not only does it purify the air but it also is a bit of an upper and I feel like it kick starts my day.

Frankincense: When you talk to people who use essential oils about Frankincense it is spoken about with an air of reverence. It is a very precious oil and this is reflected in the price – a 15ml bottle retails for $114! I reserve my bottle of Frankincense for my face. Known as the king of oils Frankincense was the key to ancient Egyptian anti-wrinkle creams! When used externally for its anti-aging properties it promotes the regeneration of healthy cells and it also keeps the existing cells and tissues healthy. I add it to coconut oil for cleansing my face at night. It can also help fade sunspots and scars.

Oregano:         Oregano is a really potent oil and I have only used it a couple of times. It has antiviral and antibiotic properties so when my husband felt he was coming down with a bit of a “man flu” recently I put a drop of oregano oil in a teaspoon of coconut oil and rubbed it into the soles of his feet (I think he just thought he was getting a foot rub and not the subject of my experiment)! He did however recover quickly. I also have used a drop (just one – it is really strong) in my bolognaise sauce and it infused that beautiful Italian oregano flavour. I will definitely do this again.

Melaleuca:      Melaleuca or Tea Tree is one of those super oils. It is Antibacterial, Antiviral, Anti-fungal and Antibiotic. I use it all the time for cleaning – I tend to balance out its strong scent with Lavender. I also use it on blemishes on my face with a cotton bud – it is brilliant for this as it seems to dry them out and calm down any redness. The doTERRA Melaleuca is 100% pure unlike the supermarket brands which are usually diluted to 20%.

Peppermint:    I use Peppermint oil when I have a headache and for me it is one of the standout examples of essential oils working in a therapeutic way. I was really shocked at how well it worked. I dilute a few drops with a teaspoon of coconut oil and then apply it to my forehead with a cotton ball. It works every time.


I used to love burning scented candles. The ritual behind lighting the wick signified wind down time. Simple pleasures! However scented candles are not only an expensive habit but they are huge contributor to indoor air pollution and lose appeal when you realise when burning many of them you are adding a smelly dose of carcinogenic chemicals into the air.

The diffuser has replaced this “ritual” for me. In the afternoon/evening madness of 3 small kids I find the act of stopping, acknowledging how I am feeling (often on the edge of batshit crazy) and selecting a calming or uplifting selection of oils to add to the diffuser works as a circuit breaker. Not only does it add a beautiful aroma to your home but the air is being purified and there is that mood enhancing or balancing benefit as well. As mentioned above the diffuser also has some incredibly important uses when it comes to health. And if you can’t completely replace your scented candles make sure you buy soy or beeswax ones that have natural fragrances!

THE HOME ESSENTIALS KITJune_Protect-this-winter_600x6001

I purchased The Home Essentials Kit for $330. The kit comes with the diffuser as well as 10 of the most popular essential oils. All the bottles, except the Deep Blue, are a generously sized 15mls. There are 250 drops in each bottle and since you usually only use a few drops at a time the bottles go a long way. Properly stored essential oils will maintain their potency for a long time (5+ years). For the month of June however if you purchase the kit you will also receive an extra bottle of On Guard and Easy Air. These are pretty much my winter go-to oils so it is definitely a well timed promotion that I couldn’t help but share. I love these two blends.



DoTERRA is pretty much what you want it to be. The Home Essentials Kit includes your enrolment fee so you can either use this as a means to getting wholesale prices (there is no obligation to purchase anything ever again) or you can explore it as a business opportunity. As for me I purchased the kit because it was a great deal, I had researched a lot of essential oils and for me it was really important that the oils I used were 100% pure, Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade and ethically sourced. At the moment ByMe Home is keeping me busy enough so I haven’t pursued the business side of things but when a great deal like this comes along I can’t help but share. In the interest of full disclosure if I sell any doTERRA products I receive a commission but honestly even if I wasn’t I would still be sharing this offer as a great value and rewarding purchase. I have seen some fantastic results since I started using these oils so I have absolute confidence recommending them.


Wherever you happen to buy your essential oils from make sure they are 100% pure and unadulterated. Also do your research when using them. Often, less is more as they can be very potent, and for the most part I dilute them in fractionated coconut oil before using them on the skin.

If you are interested in the Home Essentials Kit, using essential oils generally or any of the particular oils I have outlined I would love to hear from you either through the ByMe Home doTERRA contact form or message me on the ByMe Home Facebook Page. I am loving my oils and after using them for 6 months I believe there is definitely a place for natural alternatives in every home. I have seen some really great results with my family’s health. I am going to the medicine cabinet a lot less and the kids seem to have had a really good run of health (I have probably just jinxed that now!) DAMN! I better go and get out that On Guard!

Tillie x

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